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    Infiray Gemini GEH50R 640×512@12µm@50mm

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    Technical Specifications GEMINI Series Multi-spectral Thermal Imaging Binocular Parameters
    Model  GEH50R
    Thermal Imaging Specifications
    Resolution, pixel  640×512
    Pixel Size, µm 12
    NETD, mk <25 
    Frame Rate, Hz 50 
    Objective Lens, mm 50
    Field of View, ° 8.8×6.6
    Optical Magnification, ×  4.1~16.4
    Detection Range, m
    (Target Size: 1.7m×0.5m, P(n)=99%)  2600
    Digital Night Vision Imaging Specifications
    Resolution, pixel 1920×1080
    Pixel Size, µm 4
    Frame Rate, Hz 50
    Objective Lens, mm 35
    Field of View, ° 9.4×7.0
    Optical Magnification, × 3.8~15.2
    Laser Rangefinder
    Max,Rangefinder Distance,m 1200
    Measuring Accuacy,m ±1(3-100m);
    ±(1+L×0.25%)(100-1200m,L is the distance to the target)
    Focal Length of Eyepiece,mm 12.5
    Magnification, × 20
    Eye Relief, mm 15
    Eye Relief Diameter, mm 7
    Diopter Adjustment, D -5~+5
    Available Pupillary Range, mm 61~72
    Resolution,pixel 1024×768x2 OLED
    Size,inch 0.39
    Battery Specifications
    Battery Type/Capacity/Output Voltage Two 18650 Lithium-ion batteries /3.2Ah/3.7V
    Voltage 7.4
    System Functions
    Digital Zoom, × 1~4
    Image Mode Visible light, infrared (white hot, black hot, red hot, iron), fusion
    Intelligent Image Algorithm Infrared highlight, Infrared edging, hotspot tracking
    PIP v
    Full color fusion v
    Image Capture and Video/Audio Recording v
    Video Playback v
    Wi-Fi Transmission (ios & android) v
    Electronic compass v
    Microphone v
    940nm Infrared Flashlight v
    Type-C interface Power supply, data export,firmware update
    Other Specifications
    IP Rate IP66
    Memory 64GB EMMC interface
    Operating Temperature,? -25~+55
    Weight (no battery),g <960
    Dimension,mm 198x154x78
    Operating Time,h >6