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    Walther Q5 Match 5 SF Champion 9mm

    SKU: 2830353
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    kr 26 990,00
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    Breaking boundaries and shattering expectations.
    The Q5 Match Steel Frame is superior performance taken to the next level through heightened functionality and a relentless determination to deliver precisely what the experienced shooter demands.

    The real competitive edge begins here. The Q5 Match Steel Frame is a testament to the level of excellence found solely at Walther.
    Its steel frame – precision machined from solid steel billet – improves ergonomics with a wrap-around grip panel, extended beavertail, full-length picatinny rail, and recessed slide release.
    The weight distribution of the steel frame drastically reduces recoil to improve shooter performance, ultimately contributing to overall efficiency. For added speed and capacity, the PRO model includes Carl Walther Performance magwell and +2 aluminum base plates.

    A modern work of art in its own right, the slide is outfitted with features previously found only on custom handguns.
    It is ported and optic ready, with LPA sights as well as front and rear serrations.

    Walther’s superior accuracy is quickly realized when shooting thanks to the 5" barrel with polygonal rifling and stepped chamber.

    The Q5 Match Steel Frame is a remarkable triumph made possible only by Walther’s superior standards.
    Despite common misconceptions, you can buy performance.

    USPSA approved for Production and Carry Optics.
    IDPA approved for Stock Service Pistol and Carry Optics.

    CALIBER: 9mm
    BARREL : 5"/12,6cm
    LENGTH: 22,1cm
    TRIGGER PULL: 2,55kg
    CAPACITY: 17skudd
    HEIGHT: 15cm
    SAFETY: Automatisk
    WIDTH: 3,3cm
    WEIGHT EMPTY: 1205g
    MAG QTY: 3
    REAR SIGHT: LPS , svart justerbart
    FRONT SIGHT: LPA, Rødt fibersikte