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    SIG KILO 10000 BDX 2.0 10x42 kikkert m.Avstandsmåler,

    SKU: 377SOK10K11
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    kr 28 990,00
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    The KILO10K-ABS HD 10x42mm laser rangefinding binocular with BDX 2.0.

    The KILO10K-ABS has a maximum reflective range of 10,000 yards and includes Applied Ballistics Elite (BDX Elite) onboard along with environmental sensors and digital compass.
    The KILO10K also supports BDX External for connecting to external devices such as Kestrel and Garmin devices.
    The Gen II LightWave DSP engine features new target modes:
    Extended Range and Fog mode along with First, Best and Last target;
    Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Graphic Display which provides all relevant ballistic information such as range to target, elevation holdover, wind hold, energy on target and velocity at target distance
    integrates with BaseMap to provide remote waypoints on ranged targets and can be fully configured with the Sig Sauer BDX App.

    Leverages Low Energy/Long Range Bluetooth 5.x for multipoint Bluetooth connections and improved connectivity to BDX enabled riflescopes and sights.

    Includes a Multicam chest carry harness and WeatherFlow Bluetooth WindMETER.