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    GPO Rangetracker 6x20 Green

    SKU: 37g50146001
    Tilgjengelighet: Utsolgt
    kr 3 999,00
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    The new RANGETRACKER 1800 meets all your laser rangefinder needs with smart technology and an intuitive user interface and ergonomic design. The integrated visual TargetFinder function and SLOPE technology are combined with one of the fastest laser rangefinders on the market.
    With a maximum range on well reflecting targets of 1,800 meters, the integrated Hyperscan Mode which allows the laser to work with 3 measurements per second and thus allows extremely fast measurements in scan mode, the BEST, LAST technology, the temperature sensor, and the SLOPE and TRUE RANGE calculation, you get a product which has been developed for all eventualities and without compromises. Ergonomically, the product has a one-hand operation which includes the diopter adjustment. In addition, the product is available in two color variants. All in all, a product in which no compromises have been made.