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    cz 75 tactical sport  dual tone 9mm

    CZ 75 Tactical Sport Dual Tone 9mm

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    The CZ 75 TS (Tactical Sports) is semi-automatic handgun with a locked breech. This pistol model is designed for competition shooting in accordance with world IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) rules and regulations. Standard Class.
    The pistol allow rapid and accurate shooting within a very short time frame.

    The CZ 75 TS pistol model design stems from the standard CZ 75 model. However, this model feature number of special modifications, which are usually required for competitive handguns:

    • Single-action trigger mechanism (SA)
    • Match trigger made of plastic featuring option for trigger travel adjustments before discharge (using upper screw), and for overtravel (using bottom screw)
    • The adjusting screws are set by the manufacturer
    • Sporting hammer specially adapted for a reduced trigger pull weight
    • An extended magazine catch - grip panels made of walnut wood
    • Guiding funnel made of plastic for quick inserting of the magazine into pistol's frame
    • Glossy blue slide, silver polycoat frame.
    • Packaging includes 3 pcs of magazines
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