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    Carl Walther PDP Full Size 4,5" Pistol 9x19

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    The reference class in the Full Size category. Like to its smaller sister in the compact class, the dimensions of the 4.5" Full Size are perfect for natural aiming.
    The well balanced relationship between barrel length and grip length has the potential to become a tomorrow`s classic!
    Its silhouette is characterized by dynamic, expressive lines. A true all-rounder in any case, with or without optic sights.
    A working tool under the most adverse conditions, but also for competition. The PDP performs. Always.

    Performance Duty Trigger
    "Best in Class" Trigger: Breaks like glass at 25 N. Unparalleled repeatable accurate shooting.
    Outstanding User Safety
    Distinct Duty-Wall: Optimum trigger control by a more tactile definition of the trigger break.
    Short Reset: Top performance for consistency on each shot.

    Ergonomics and Intuitive Pointability
    Top Pointability - aiming becomes second nature
    The PDP points at the target, intuitively follows the eye`s central vision. This pistol has it: optimized grip angle plus sound triad of total weight, weight distribution, and balance.
    Performance Duty Texture - optimum grip on
    Outstanding grip performance under all circumstances - with gloves or without. Developed to provide a premium, yet functional grip. With its tetrahedron design the Performance Duty Texture is non-abrasive, providing no irritation to the skin or clothing of the user. Walther has pushed the boundaries of testing in some of the harshest conditions: in the field, in a wide range of weather conditions as well as at the shooting range.
    SuperTerrain Serrations
    Uniquely designed protruding front and rear slide serrations - quicker and more responsive hands-on engagement with the pistol in every situation.
    Promotes manipulation with slide mounted optic or open sights, under all climate conditions, and with gloves or without.

    Optics Ready
    All PDP models come optics ready with low level mounting platform for best natural pointing. The PDP is co-witness ready. When presenting the pistol on target it brings the dot in the view quickly and unconsciously. The slide’s design is optimally prepared for Red Dots. They can be integrated almost seamlessly.
    Red Dot Ergonomics - ergonomics all the way through: The small flare at the bottom of the grip gives the pinky finger some extra leverage to squeeze down. It`s like magic. Positive feedback for your pinky, optimum control and pointability.

    The PDP is the most modular and versatile pistol ever designed by Walther: Picatinny rail, optics ready, reversible mag release, three barrel sizes, two grip sizes, plus three backstraps. The combination of features included in the design make it the perfect duty pistol. The PDP`s open sights feature a universal sight cut common across numerous pistol brands. Hundreds of aftermarket sights are available offering almost limitless possibilities. With a magazine funnel, the Performance Duty Pistol becomes a performance target gun.

    Walther`s innovative stepped chamber affords you more performance and dependability from any ammunition. The stepped chamber produces higher muzzle energy and reduces fouling in the gun. As a result, the PDP shoots better for longer. PDP: "Made to be shot"!

    The loaded chamber indicator on the extractor indicates whether a cartridge is in the chamber. In addition, trigger safety, striker safety and disconnect safety add to even more user safety.

    Scope of delivery
    Two magazines, a magazine loader, backstraps in sizes S, M and L, and mounting platform cover plate. Each PDP comes with ambidextrous slide stop, reversible magazine release, and polygonal barrel.

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